Here's how to get record clearance in Ventura County

  1. On the Ventura County website, complete the application for assistance or call the Public Defender directly at 805-654-2201

    Contacting the Public Defender is safe and confidential. They are not part of law enforcement and will not share your information with anyone. We know it can be difficult to talk about your conviction history, but the Public Defender will only use this information to move your record clearance application forward.

  2. The Public Defender will contact you by phone or email

    The Public Defender will contact you within 7 business days and ask you to fill out additional forms to start the process. If you do not hear back from the Public Defender within 7 business days, reach out to them to discuss your eligibility.

  3. The Public Defender in Ventura County only helps with FELONY expungements.

    If you need assistance with Misdemeanor convictions, please contact one of the legal aid organizations mentioned below.

  4. Work with The Public Defender to complete your request

    If you are eligible, the Public Defender’s office will prepare your petition, file it with the court and represent you at the hearings. Their office will keep you updated and will let you know if you need to be present at the hearings. The Public Defender may ask you to submit a personal statement and letters of recommendation.

  5. Submit fees to the court

    The Ventura County Superior Court has a $60 filing fee for each expungement filed. Once your petition has been filed, the court will assess a $60 fee to the case unless you complete a fee waiver application. At your final hearing, the Judge will review your fee waiver application and either grant it or deny it. The Public Defender can help you apply for a fee waiver if you meet the requirements.

  6. Wait 90 days for the court and Department of Justice (DOJ) record to be updated

    If your petition is granted, you will have to wait at least 90 days for your record to indicate that your case has been “dismissed under 1203.4” by both local courts and the CA DOJ. If you want to see if your record has been fully updated, you can get a copy of your CA DOJ Rap Sheet. The expungement does not erase your conviction history. It changes the status of your case from “convicted” to “dismissed.” Private employers and landlords who run a basic background check will not see the convictions. You do not have to disclose these dismissed convictions. More extensive background checks will include the conviction history from arrest to dismissal. Depending on the job for which you are applying, you may have to disclose your convictions. You can also read more about what happens after clearance.

All set? Apply on the Ventura Public Defender Website

The Public Defender will be able to provide personalized help to start your record clearance process. They are a safe, confidential resource and are not part of any law enforcement agency and will not share your information with anyone.

Ventura Public Defender Contact Information

The Ventura County Public Defender’s Office helps people with arrests or convictions in Ventura County.


Phone number

(805) 654-2201

Mailing address

800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA 93009

If you do not want to contact the Public Defender in Ventura County, you can contact one of the following legal aid organizations that serve the Ventura area:

California Rural Legal Assistance

California Rural Legal Assistance helps people with arrests or convictions in Kern, Fresno, Imperial, Madera, Modesto, Riverside, San Luis Obispo, San Joaquin, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Sonoma, Ventura, and Yuba.


Phone Number

(805) 483-8083

Mailing Address

338 South A Street, Oxnard, CA 93030

The Self-Help Legal Access Center (SHLAC) of the Ventura County Superior Court

SHLAC is a part of Ventura County Superior Court that provides resources to people with arrests or convictions in Ventura County.