After Nov 15, 2021 we will no longer accept applications for record clearance on this site.
Instead we’ll connect you to public defenders in each county to start applications.
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Clearing your record can help remove barriers to new jobs, housing, and educational opportunities.

Clear My Record is a free, nonprofit, service for people with a criminal record in select California counties.

  • San Diego

  • San Francisco

  • Alameda

  • Solano

  • Contra Costa

  • Fresno

  • Santa Barbara

  • Santa Clara

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You can apply to clear multiple California convictions at once

Clearing your record opens doors to jobs, housing, and education

Our short, easy-to-understand application only takes 10 minutes

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Fill out the online application so attorneys can understand your history and collect your contact information.

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In about 4 weeks, you’ll hear from each county. They’ll tell you what you qualify for and your next steps.

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Attorneys will ask the court to clear your record and update you with the final decision and official documents.

If you have convictions in California, you're probably eligible

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